What Is Service Design: The Final Answer

Confused by all the definitions and still struggle to explain what service design is to the people around you? Let's settle this once and for all.

After reading this article, you'll be able to explain service design with more ease, and you'll understand why there are so many different definitions out there, which of these definitions are useful on a day-to-day basis and which ones you can safely ignore.

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30+ Essential Service Design Books

Want to develop your service design skills but don’t know which book will help you do that?

Which service design books are worth reading? Find out in this article.

In this overview you’ll find over 30 of the most relevant service design books that are guaranteed to be a good investment of your time.

After going through this article, you’ll know exactly which books really should be on your reading list if you want to become a better service designer.

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The Best Tools for Remote Collaboration in Service Design

Service design is quite an analogue craft. We value real human-to-human interaction a lot! And be honest, nothing beats a physical prototype right?

But sometimes circumstances don’t allow you to be physically present with the people you’re design with and for. Maybe you working in cross country team or… a virus prevents you from leaving home.

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Crafting a Design Portfolio that gets you hired

If you want to get hired as a service designer, you need to be able to effectively communicate your skills and who you are as a designer.

I’ll explain what I look for in portfolios when hiring new staff at our studio, and what separates the people that do get hired from the ones that don’t.

In my work, I see a lot of resumes and design portfolios. These design portfolios are a way to show which skills you have as a designer and prove that you have those skills.

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