The simple 4-step journey mapping process that saves you time and your reputation

Learn how to create a useful journey map in under 1 hour

Journey MApping - online workshop

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In this workshop you see step-by-step how a journey map is created from scratch. The challenges along the way haven't been edited out so you experience the true nature of a real-life journey mapping process.

  • Includes bonus journey mapping cheatsheet

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Customer journey maps are everywhere

Journey maps have quickly become an important business tool. But did you know that most journey maps don't get you any closer to solving real customer and business challenges? To say it bluntly: Often journey maps are just a waste of time.

Most journey maps fail to solve a business or customer problem

The common problem with journey maps is that they lack the right structure. What you'll see is that less experienced professionals start creating journey maps by jotting down a few lines and adding sticky notes to a canvas.

This might seem like an effective approach at first, but it's guaranteed to get you caught up in the details and lose sight of what's really important.

Don't waste your time and risk your career

In general, there's no shortage of excitement and good intentions. It's just that nobody has shown these people the right approach. And to make matters even worse, these good intentions can backfire.

When you create journey maps that don't deliver, you run the risk that clients lose their faith in the approach and potentially in your skills.


The good news is that you can easily make sure every journey map you create is a good investment of your time and effort. There's a simple 4-step process at the core of every useful journey map.

In this online workshop, you learn exactly how this process works and, of course, how you can apply it in your own projects today.

what will I learn?

stop guessing and start delivering results

1 - process

The simple 4-step journey mapping process that always works. No more staring at a blank piece of paper wondering where to begin.


How to focus your efforts on the things that matter most in a your journey map. Stop guessing and wasting time on details that don't add value.

3 - structure

A future-proof journey map structure also known as the mother of all maps. Get the foundation right today and save time tomorrow.

Why should I join?

give yourself a head start

  • Learn the best way to start a journey mapping project.
  • Focus your efforts on steps that add the most value.
  • Explain with confidence why you're taking these steps.
  • Save a lot of time through small tips and tricks you've learned.
  • Be more effective at solving your customers' problems.

What's inside?

activities during the workshop

  1. 1
    Doing the right preparation
  2. 2
    Mapping the customer lifecycle
  3. 3
    Mapping customer activities and situations
  4. 4
    Mapping customer needs
  5. 5
    Mapping the customer experience
  6. 6
    Extracting insights from the journey map
  7. 7
    Putting the map to work

how does this work?

a real-time demonstration

This workshop is a recording of a live session in which we jump onto the computer and create a customer journey map from scratch. We take a real business challenge and build the journey map around it.

You see the journey map emerge step by step right in front of you during the workshop. Your role in this workshop is to observe, take notes and ask questions.

When you sign up for the workshop you get unlimited access to the recording so you can always return and review specific parts of the process.

Is this workshop for me?

yes, if you want to create a basic but useful journey map with confidence today

This workshop is going to be most valuable when you're a professional who is just learning about journey mapping and wants to get off to the right start.

Journey mapping is not limited to a specific job title or position but in the past has proven to be very relevant for people working in areas like:

  • Customer Experience
  • Innovation
  • UX
  • Marketing
  • Customer Service
  • Strategy

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Create a useful JOURNEY map in 1 hour or less workshop

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€ 79

€ 49

What you'll get

  • Unlimited access to the workshop recording
  • Ability to ask all your questions
  • Bonus: journey mapping cheatsheet

Who is facilitating this workshop

man on a mission

Hi 👋 I'm Marc and I'll be your facilitator during this workshop.

I had my fair share of hands-on journey mapping experience in the years that I ran a leading service design studio. In the early days, we had to figure out what it was all about. There were no books, courses or YouTube channels that could help.

So over the years, I learned through practice what makes some journey maps work and others a waste of time. To share these lessons with the global community, I've written in-depth guides and created two highly rated online courses.

When used right, a journey map is a very effective tool that helps to make business more human. My goal is to help pioneers like you use this tool to its full potential and be more impactful.

Marc Fonteijn

Marc Fonteijn

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How long do I get access to the workshop recording?

You get unlimited and lifetime access to the workshop recording.

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Create a useful JOURNEY map in 1 hour or less workshop

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€ 79

€ 49

What you'll get

  • Unlimited access to the workshop recording
  • Ability to ask all your questions
  • Bonus: journey mapping cheatsheet